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Card Title Group
Alfie Dogs P £0.80
Away for the day Holidays L £0.80
Baker's Dozen? Animals S £0.80
Bella Dogs P £0.80
Belly Jabies - Red Occasions S £1.20 pop-up
Belly Jabies - Orange Occasions S £1.20 pop-up
Belly Jabies - Purple Occasions S £1.20 pop-up
Belly Jabies - Green Occasions S £1.20 pop-up
Black Admiral Cats P £0.80
Bluebells for my Love Landscape P £0.80
Bob, the dog Dogs P £0.80
Boo! Cats S £0.80
Boston (terrier) Dogs S £1.10 eyes
Bundle of Joy Cats S £0.80
Catman & Robin Cats S £0.80
Cha-Lee Cats S £0.80
Champagne on Ice Xmas L £0.80
Cheeky Chappies Dogs L £0.80
Chloe & Poppy Dogs P £0.80
Chrystal Red Xmas S £1.20 sequins text
Chui Cats S £0.80
Cordoba Buildings S £0.80
Cuddled Up Cats S £0.80
Daisy Chain Flowers S £1.20 pop-up
Dali (cat) Cats P £0.80
Danny Cats S £0.80
Daphne Duck Animals S £1.20 pop-up
Did you bring the bread, Mummy? Landscape P £0.80
Emily Cats P £0.80
Fabulous Fountains Landscape P £0.80
Feline-tine Cats P £0.80
Get Well Soon (White Cat) Occasions S £1.10 sequin text
Green Boat - St. Ives Holidays L £0.80
Happy Larry Animals S £0.80
Hariett Hedgehog Animals S £1.20 pop-up
Homage to Paul Henry Landscape S £0.80
I'm not moody Animals L £0.80 text
Inca of The Valley Cats S £0.80
It's you and me, kid Cats S £0.80
Jemima and Granny's Fabric Cats S £0.80
Jemima of Rhubarb Row Cats S £0.80
Jephson Gardens Flowers P £0.80
Jephson Gardens Little Secret Flowers P £0.80
Jess & Belle Dogs S £0.80
Josie's Garden Gardens S £0.80
Just Good Friends Cats S £0.80
Just one little kiss Cats S £0.80
Kaleidoscope Butterfly Animals S £0.80
Kaleidoscope Mouse Animals S £0.80
Kaleidoscope Pansy Flowers S £0.80
Kate's Beautiful Girl - Belle Dogs P £0.80
Kiss Me Kitten Cats S £0.80
Kiss'n'Tail Cats S £0.80
Kitty Blue Cats S £0.80
Leo & Coco Cats S £0.80
Lilac Blossom Flowers L £0.80
Lilly Dogs P £0.80
Living Doll - Dolly Dogs P £0.80
Loon O'Hare (from County Cork) Animals S £0.80
Lovebirds Blue Cats P £0.80
Lovebirds Purple Cats P £0.80
Lullaby Cats S £0.80
Maxine & Betty Bowman Cats P £0.80
Mrs Dottie Animals S £0.80
Nickie's Daisy Flowers P £0.80
Nina Nana & Ali Kat Cats S £0.80
Not for the Sheepish! Animals P £0.80 text
Nutmeg Cats S £0.80
On Tom's Farm Landscape L £0.80
Oscar's Friend Cats S £0.80
Owlette the Owl Animals S £1.20 pop-up
Picnic in the Park Flowers S £0.80
Pinks to Purples Flowers S £0.80
Poppy Field Flowers S £0.80
Put-upon Pussy Xmas L £0.80
Radford Bottom Landscape P £0.80
Red Boat - St. Ives Holidays P £0.80
Robin Xmas S £1.20 pop-up
Romeo & Juliet Cats P £0.80
Roofs of Lisbon Buildings P £0.80
Ropes Holidays P £0.80
Santa's Little Helper Xmas S £1.20 pop-up
Santa's Tummy Xmas S £1.20 pop-up
Shakespeare (Man of many words) Occasions S £0.80
Sleepy Head Cats S £0.80
Snowman Xmas S £1.20 pop-up
Snowy Dogs P £0.80
Snug Fit (Ned) Cats P £0.80
So many birds - So little time Cats P £0.80
Sorry you're leaving Occasions S £0.80 text
Spring Bunny Animals S £1.20 pop-up
St Ives Boys Holidays L £0.80
St Ives Harbour Holidays S £0.80
Storm Coming Landscape L £0.80
Stratford Swans Animals P £0.80
Summer Lavender Flowers P £0.80
Summer Sojourn Buildings P £0.80
Sweet Nuts Animals S £1.20 pop-up
The Cottage Gardens S £0.80
The White Waterfall Landscape P £0.80
Tom's Farm Landscape L £0.80
Tulips (green) Flowers S £0.80
Tulips Blue Flowers S £0.80
Tulips Orange Flowers S £0.80
Tulips Pink Flowers S £0.80
UGH! Cats S £0.80 text
Up Close and Purrsonal Cats S £0.80
Wake up, Santa! Xmas L £0.80
What we did on our holidays Holidays P £0.80
What? Cats S £0.80
What's Up, Duck? Cats P £0.80
Ying & Yang (the pussycat gang) Cats S £0.80
You're a Star, sorry you're leaving Occasions S £1.10 sequin text
Yummy Cats S £1.20 pop-up
Postcards (pack of 6 with envelopes)
Loon O'Hare (from County Cork) Animals L £2.50
Maxine & Betty Bowman Cats L £2.50
Kate's Beautiful Girl - Belle Dogs L £2.50
Lilac Blossom Flowers L £2.50
Bookmarks (Cat's tail) each £1.40
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