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Christmas Robin

CP33 - 'Christmas Robin'

One of a range of four Christmas Cards featuring noteworthy colourful paper honeycomb balls. These honeycomb balls are especially relevant at Christmas, since they directly relate to other Christmas decorations. Furthermore, their use as decoration on Christmas cards is still fairly uncommon, therefore creating unique point of customer interest.

Christmas Robin is designed by Caroline Gatehouse for Fat White Cat Studio. Christmas Robin has a red ball for the Robin's breast. The Robin is holding a sprig of Mistletoe in its beak. Christmas Robin also features holly leaves and berries. Additional images in this range include "Santa's Tummy", with Santa Claus stuck in a chimney; "Santa's Little Helper", showing a Christmas gnome, and "Snowman", featuring a snowman with a top hat and scarf. Additional Christmas cards are "Almost There" which shows a kitten reaching for a decorative ball on a Christmas Tree, and "Christmas Moon", where the image is of a snowman and three cats looking at a very large moon, which is made up of a white honeycomb ball. All Christmas cards can be seen on www.fatwhitecatstudio.com, which contains an eCommerce purchase facility.


Caroline started Fat White Cat studio in 2011, prior to which she has had success as a free-lance artist, designer and photographer. Due to the increasing volume of commissions she was receiving for paintings of people's pets, she used some of these paintings to produce personalised Greetings Cards, and this has led to the company becoming entirely focused on designing for Greetings Cards, with images covering a wide range of subject matter. Fat White Cat Studio sell cards globally via their website, and directly to customers in the UK at various weekend events throughout the year.

Square:                150 mm x 150 mm

With the exception of the ‘Occasions’ & "Christmas ranges, all cards are blank inside.

Decoration:       Pop-Up




Price: £1.20

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